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Master Printer of Mexico

The legacy of Jose Gudalupe Posada has been enjoyed and has been a source of inspiration to many Mexican and Latino artist since his death earlier this century. Posada's artwork is known to us throug his work as a printmaker. His engravings and woodcuts were produced for the popular press and was sold on the streets in the form of handbills, sheet-music or newspaper illistrations and were available to the common man on the street. His was an art of and for the people. It usually poked fun or was outright critical of the rulling party and class of pre-revolutionary Mexico. His artwork has inspired many great artists to create artwork that not only is political and social in content but humorous as well. His depictions of late 19th and early 20th century Mexicans as "Calaveras", skeletons, is what I present here in the spirit of "El Dia De Los Muertos". It is these images by Posada that continues to be used in artwork and altars though Mexico and Southwestern America, sometimes without any recognition to the great artist. Presented here is a small offering of his images to enjoy.

Calavera Images by Jose Guadalupe Posada

A Calavera Lady

The Admiral

La Catrina

The Novios

"El Gran Panteon Amoroso"