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Artwork on the theme of dead children has a long history in Mexico. It can be traced back to Spain and Pre-Columbian Mexico. Painting and Photographs were much in demand in the 19th Century. The custom of creating images of the departed children as a reminder of their short time on earth has left behind images that have a place in the celebration of The Day of the Dead. The custom of wakes for dead children, during which they were displayed in special costumes and wearing crowns of flowers, had its origins in Spanish tradition. In Sixteenth-Century Spain, infant funerals were accompanied by dancing and music and the letting-off of rockets, celebrating the infant's immediate ascent to Heaven without passing through purgatory.

Images of Little Angels

Young Mother and Child - 19th Century Mexican Photograph:
Large Family Group - 19th Century Mexican Photograph:
Father and Child - 19th Century Mexican Photograph:
Family - 19th Century Mexican Photograph: